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30-day refund policy for all SSL & web security solutions

We always want you to be completely satisfied when it comes to the SSL certificates and web security solutions we provide.

If you're considering a refund or cancellation and feel you may need help, you can always discuss your options via our support page or by sending an email to: support@sslcertificate.net.au or by Live Chat prior to your cancellation.

Our experts can solve your SSL related problem, walk you through the entire SSL process, or help clear up any confusion to get you the certificate you really need.

If you contact us within 10 days of your purchase date, we almost guarantee you we can fix any issue!!!

In the event that a certificate was purchased for fraudulent use, the purchaser forfeits the right to a refund/exchange and the SSL Certificate or web security product will get immediately canceled / rejected / revoked.



The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee may not apply to the purchase of additional service like additional installations or SANs (Subject Alternative Names) due to certain CA limitations, please contact us to discuss your options.

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