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How SSL can improve your SEO ranking? This question is asked by many website owners. SEO is a very important strategy to implement and there are certainly a lot of components that make up a successful campaign.

One of the most significant components that can easily (and quickly) improve your SEO ranking is an SSL certificate. When an SSL certificate is used, it is ensuring that all the data transfers are secure. This is especially important these days with an increase in cyber hacking, consumers want to be assured that all their private information is safe and secure.

Keeping consumer information safe is also important because this is one of the ranking factors Google uses. Google has responded to the increase in cyber security and the awareness of hacking consumer information and they recently explained that an SSL certificate is one of the easiest ways a website can improve its SEO ranking!

This has meant that the ranking criteria for a safe website has jumped up in importance. The best and easiest way to show Google and your consumers that you are operating a safe website is an SSL certificate.

Google also indicates that having an SSL certificate is a ranking signal.


An SSL certificate can also result is better sales conversions as consumers trust your website to keep their information safe. This is especially true for e-commerce businesses where consumers have to provide sensitive personal details, like the credit card number. SSL certificates are certainly gaining in popularity and you are now one of few if your business does not have an SSL certificate. It has become more and more commonplace due to the multiple benefits it provides to each business.

An SSL certificate is an extra cost; however with the improvement in your SEO ranking you should be able to make all the money and more back. Working together, SEO and an SSL certificate is a dream team. With the SSL certificate there to make the process of getting to the first page of Google easier and the SEO strategy including other components to support and further boost your ranking.

So what is stopping you from getting your SSL certificate today? By purchasing an SSL certificate from us and employing the dedicated SEO company, you are on a sure winner to see an improvement in your SEO ranking. The two well together hand-in-hand and if you want to see better, more sustainable results, you will need both these components on your side!


Quality SEO Marketing Services by SEO Shark

SEO Shark is a full service digital marketing agency, specialising in SEO services. Based in Sydney, it is our goal to get your business to the first page of Google. Once your website is successfully on the first page we will work hard to maintain (and even further improve) your ranking.

Being on the first page of search results means that it is easier for people to locate your business (an increase in visibility) and once more consumers are aware of your brand, they is likely to be an increase in sales.


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