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Install SSL Certificate cPanel

 The installation proces in easy and you should be able to install it by yourself. However, if you would like us to install an SSL certificate on your server, please contact us. We will assist you with a free installation!

 Free Installation


In order to install an SSL certificate on your server, follow these 4 steps:

1) Buy an SSL Certificate from our online shop

a) choose one of SSL certificates
b) make the payment


2) Generate CSR

There are 2 ways to generate CSR (you can check your CSR here):
- contact your hosting company and ask them to generate it for you, or
- go to your cPanel and  follow these steps:


Step 1: Private Keys (KEY)

a) Click on the Generate, view, upload, or delete your private keys
b) When the page loads, scroll to the bottom and you will see the Generate a New Key section. Enter the domain you want to create an SSL Certificate in the Host text box or you can select the domain from the Select a Domain drop down menu. Select the key bit-length. We recommend 2048 (2048 is required for EV certificates)
c) Click on the Generate button.
d) Click on Return to SSL Manager.
e) When the page loads, click on the Go Back link. This will take you to the main SSL/TLS Manager page.

Step 2: Certificate Signing Requests (CSR)

a) Click on Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests
b) When the page loads, set the following:
c) Host - Select the domain name from the drop down menu.
d) Country - Enter your two-digit country code.
e) State - Enter your two-digit state abbreviation.
f) City - Enter your city's name.
g) Company Division - Enter your company's division.
h) Email - Enter your email address.
i) Pass Phrase - Enter any phrase you want to use for the pass phrase.
j) Click on the Generate button. (You will now be e-mailed a copy of your CSR.)
k) Click on Go Back

3) Upload your CSR to your SSL Provider and confirm your domain

a) you will  receive a link where you should past your CSR code, you should upload the CSR code
b) you will receive a link to confirm your domain name. The link will be sent to one of your emails (eg. admin@yourdomain.com)

4) Install an SSL on your server

a) login to cPanel
b) Click SSL/TLS Manager > Certificates (CRT) > Generate, view, upload or delete SSL certificates
c) In the Upload a New Certificate section click the Browse button and locate your SSL Server Certificate file your_domain_com.txt.
d) Click the Upload button.
e) Click the Go Back link to return to SSL/TLS Manger.
f) Setup the Domain
g) Click SSL/TLS Manager > Setup a SSL certificate to work with your site. If this option is not available to you your ISP may have disabled it and you will need to contact your hosting company to complete your SSL setup.
f) From the Domain drop down menu select the domain that will use the SSL Certificate. The system will attempt to Fetch the SSL Certificate and corresponding private key. Open Intermediate.txt in Notepad or other simple text editor (not Word). Copy-and-paste all the contents of the intermediate.txt file into the Ca Bundle (CABUNDLE) box.
g) Click on Install Certificate. You should receive a message that the certificate was successfully installed. If you receive an error you may need to contact your web hosting provider for additional support.


Congarulations! You have installed an SSL certificate!

You can also check if your SSL cartificate is installed correctly here.




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